• BNC connector

    Model No. Description
    BNC1 BNC male to RG59
    BNC2 BNC male to RG59,Three parts
    BNC2-2 BNC male to RG59,Two parts
  • Bracket

    Model No. Description
    K5 115mm(H) Aluminium bracket
    SC-13 metal bracket,  dia.: 5.5cm, height: 10cm
    SC-#003 metal bracket,  dia.: 5.8cm, height: 14cm
    L2 280(H)×100×85mm Aluminium bracket
  • Cable

    Model No. Description
    cable10 10m cable with A/V/DC
    cable20 20m cable with A/V/DC
    cable40 40m cable with A/V/DC
  • CCTV TesterPro

    *Digital Multimeter function;
    *Audio Test; Video Test;
    *PTZ Controller;
    *Supply power to camera
    *UTP Cable Test;
    *Battery capacity display level on screen function;
    *High performance battery, longer working time;
    *OSD menu, easily control;
    *Working temperature: -30 to +70°C
    *Meet CE, ROHS, FCC standard.
    *Dimensions : 260*225*85mm

  • Housing

    Model No. Description
    SC-015 Indoor Aluminium house  26.5×9.3x8cm
    SC-016 Outdoor Aluminium house 33×10.5×10.5cm
  • Passive Power/Video/Data Baluns

    Model No. Description
    SV-BT103PVA     1CH Passive Video and Power and Audio Transceiver Passive Video and Power and Audio Transceiver
    1 Channel Video/Power/Audio
    Audio: Single Track
    Power: 200m,12V~36V
    NO LED lights
    lightning proof 1000V 10/700us
    Video: 300m
    ABS engineering plastic case,RJ45 Connector,T568B
  • Passive Video Baluns

    Model No. Description
    SV-BT100      1CH Passive Video Baluns Passive Video Transceiver
    1 Channel Transmission
    300m(Match with Passive products)
    900m(Match with Active products)
    lightning proof 1000V 10/700us
    ABS engineering plastic case
    Ultra Mini Size,  Easy to Connect  DVR
    BNC & F head is option,
  • Power supplier

    Model no. Description
    SC-020 OUTPUT:DC12V 1.2A  INPUT:220VAC/50-60HZ
    SC-3A12V OUTPUT:DC12V 3.0A  INPUT:220VAC/50-60HZ